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Tamiya, Kyosho, Associated, these names make the collectors hearts all over the world beat faster. Experience the fascination of remote-controlled cars from past days with the RC-Car revivals of these traditional manufacturers.
You can simply rebuild your childhood dream car again, for the showcase, or take part in races for RC classics, without worrying about the supply of spare parts.
Tamiya makes it possible with the numerous re-releases of glorious RC classics of the past days. There is something for everyone, whether off-road or on-road fan, M-chassis, Formula, or be it the legendary Fun & Wheelie Cars like the famous Tamiya Wild Willy Jeep.

At Tamico you will also find the re-releases of the Legendary Series by the japanese traditional manufacturer Kyosho. With the Tomahawk, Scorpion, Beetle and the famous all-wheel-drive Buggy Optima you can get former racers of the extra class. With these classic buggies, you´ll be a winner on the race track again. And with the Team Associated RC10, we even have the re-release of an 1980's world champion.