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Often called as the royal class of model building. With our tractor trucks from Tamiya, you can jump directly into the world of RC trucks. If you are a fan of the European trucks from Mercedes, Scania, MAN and Volvo, or the American Longliners a la Freightliner Cascadia and Ford Aeromax, also known as Rigs. Tamiya offers you just the right model for every taste. The Tamiya scale models show so refined details that they are often referred to as "museum quality" by connoisseurs all over the world. These vehicles are virtually perfect reproductions of the big originals.
During assembly, painting, and fitting the details, you learn a lot about the original trucks and their technology. In addition to the enjoyment of the construction of an exact reproduction like the original, the pleasure is much to learn about the technical finesse of the real original tractors.
In addition to the truck itself, we offer you a very comprehensive range of accessories from companies like ScaleArt, Servonaut, Beier Electronic, GPM and Carson. Semitrailers, multifunctional units for lifelike engine sounds and lighting, genuine aluminum rims, various types of tires, nearly everything is possible.