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Take your place in the world of RC-Drifters. Going sideways through the corners is tremendous fun.
Tamico offers you an excellent selection of the leading brands with the manufacturers MST, 3Racing, and Tamiya. Whether rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. At Tamico, everyone will find a suitable drift chassis. Gyros make it easy for newbies to do really perfect drifts from the beginning. Precise servos from Sanwa, Savöx, or Xpert guarantee fastest steering maneuvers.
Customizing is a very important part for drift cars. Customize your vehicle exactly to your needs. Whether technically or optically. Our brands MST, Killerbody, and Yeah Racing help you to create your own special drifter. Starting with the rims, tires, wide body kits, chassis lighting, or creative paint schemes. There are nearly no wishes left open.