Team Corally Cerix PRO 160 Racing Factory Black 2-3S Wettbewerbs Brushless-Regler 160A

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The Team Corally CERIX-PRO 160 electronic speed controller for sensored and sensorless motors is being fine tuned for the today's high power brushless motors. Everything can be set-up on these controllers to provide you the best functionality and performance.
The CERIX-PRO 16 is manufactured with the highest grade components to ensure the lowest possible internal resistance resulting in a optimised performance. The CERIX-PRO 160 controller give the 1/10 On-Road and 1/10 Off-Road competition racer what he needs. You will experience the best controllability of your 1/10 Racing Cars, no matter you use it with Spec or Modified motors

For sensored and sensorless motors
Manufactured with the highest grade components
Ultra compact design
Aluminum case for improved heat dissipation
Built in Capacitors
Built in power switch
Advanced boost and turbo timing system for improved acceleration performance
Enhanced throttle and brake control function.
10 programmed profiles can be stored in the ESC
Adjustable BEC voltage 6.0V 5A or 7.4V 5A Current
Powerful TC Link software to test motor timing and advise the best ESC timing setting

Programming Features:
General Settings
Running Mode
Cut-off Voltage
Overheat protection
Motor Rotation
Reverse Speed
Throttle Control
Dead Band
Punch Rate SW- Point
Punch Rate 1
Punch Rate 2
Throttle Curve
Brake Control
Initial Brake
Drag Brake
Brake Strength
Brake Rate Control
Brake Curve
Boost Function
Boost Timing
Start RPM
Boost Constraint
Boost Slope
Turbo Timing
Turbo Timing
Activation Method
Turbo Delay
Start RPM
Turbo Slope

Power Specs:
Application: 1/10 Touring - 1/10 Pan Car - 1/10 Off-Road - Crawlers
Cont. Current (A): 160A
Burst (A): 800A
Nr of Li-xx Cells: 2 - 3S
BEC: 6V 5A or 7.4V 5A
Motor Type: Sensored - Sensorless
Motor Limits:
2S Li-Po
=> 3.5T - 1/10 On-Road
=> 5.5T - 1/10 Off-Road
3S Li-Po
=> 5.5T - 1/10 On-Road
=> 8.5T - 1/10 Off-Road
Resistance: 0.00018 ohm
Dimensions: 37x33x22mm (30mm Fan)
Weight: 44g (53g Fan)

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