RPM Stoßfänger / Bumper breit schwarz für Traxxas Stampede / Rustler

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The Traxxas Stampede 4×4, Rustler 4×4 & Telluride are cool trucks with lots of nice features built in, but it?s missing one critical piece ? some serious front-end protection. Not anymore! Our Wide Front Bumper is designed to fill that vacancy. Our bumper uses the same design principles and styling as those found on our 2wd Stampede Front Bumper, the most popular front bumper RPM has ever produced. Why is it so popular? Because it works!

The RPM Wide Front Bumper is designed to protrude out in front of the truck far enough to be the first contact point during a frontal collision, yet is back far enough not to impede normal driving. When the inevitable front-end impact occurs. Our bumper will take the brunt of the force, absorbing that impact energy by deforming under the pressure, and then when the crash concludes, the bumper will return to its original shape, ready for action once again. With an RPM Wide Front Bumper installed, more fragile chassis and front differential components have a much better survival rate under even the roughest bash sessions.

RPM Wide Front Bumpers for the Traxxas Stampede 4×4, Rustler 4×4 & Telluride are stock replacement parts. Simply remove the stock front skid plate, replace it with the RPM version and you?re ready to go. It even incorporates the mounting points for the stock upper bumper, if you wish to keep it in place.

Tech Notes: Rustler 4×4 owners, the RPM front bumper eliminates the use of the upper bumper support. Remove it with your stock bumper when replacing it with the RPM version.

Quick Notes:
? replaces stock Traxxas #6735 & #6736

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