ProLine Prism 2.2 Frontreifen 2WD (Medium Carpet) Buggy

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This is a pair of Prism 2wd Buggy Front Carpet Tires. Introducing the all-new Prism 2wd Front Carpet Buggy race tire! The Prism 2wd front features tons of Ultra-Sharp Prism shaped Pins in the middle of the tire combined with Wedge style pins on the outside for incredible steering on small and tight carpet tracks without the edgy feel of full pin tires. The pins on the Prism are slightly smaller than the original Pin Point tire but there are many more of them, which results in faster and more consistent lap times. The Prism pins have been positioned with the knife edge pointed front to back and side to side for maximum grip and stay sharp even as they wear down. The Prism 2wd Front tire perfectly pairs with Pro-Line's Prism 2.0 Rear tire for ideal carpet racing performance. The Prism tire is another leap forward in the hot carpet racing scene; be the first with the fastest carpet tire yet - Pro-Line's Prism 2wd Front!

Ultra-Sharp Prism Shaped Pins Combined with Wedge on the Sides
Massive Steering Without the Edgy Feel
Ideal for Small and Tight Indoor Carpet tracks
Long Lasting & Super Consistent Performance
Available in both Z3 and the Softer Z4 Carpet Compound
Combine with Pro-Line's Rear Carpet Tires for an Unbeatable Combination

Height: 2.92" (74mm)
Width: 0.87" (22mm)

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