Arrowmax 700131 Lipo 4500mAh 3S - 11.1V 40C

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The name represents performance and professional, is proud to announce the launching of our newest 3S/4500 battery which specially developed and made for 1/8 and 1/10 onroad and offroad cars use.This is a very unique 3S pack with a 25.1mm thickness, comparable with a normal 2S pack. A perfect choice for racer who is tired of dealing with the messy wires, our newest and revolutionary design had place the balance port on the side and hidden behind a silicon cover, allowing extra protection from contamination by dust or mud. Additionally, with the 5mm bullet plug design, it allows higher current to go through hence more power. New electrolyte composition and high density stacking technology are applied in this battery pack to ensure higher average voltage.

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