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Arrma AR390165 / 5052127015721

These high quality body clip retainers tether your body clips to your bodyshell. This means that you do not lose your clips when they become detached from the body post during a roll-over  when running your vehicle, meaning no more lost clips when you have removed your bodyshell.

Produced from strong, flexible rubber to provide durability
Specially designed bodyshell grommet attaches retainer to hole in bodyshell
Large pull tab allows quick and easy body clip removal even with wet or cold hands
ARRMA branded
Supplied with medium size body clips

4 x ARRMA Body Clip Retainers
4 x Medium size Body Clips
1 x Fitting Instructions

Spare part for Arrma models/chassis:
  • AR102537 ADX-10
  • AR102711 Big Rock 4x4 3S
  • ARA102723 Big Rock BLX 4X4
  • ARA4312V3 Big Rock BLX 4X4 3S
  • AR102532 Fury
  • AR102533 Fury
  • AR102605 Fury Mega
  • AR102606 Fury Mega
  • AR102617 Fury BLS
  • AR102618 Fury BLS
  • AR102627 Fury BLX
  • AR102651 Fury Mega
  • AR102661 Fury BLX
  • AR102530 Granite
  • AR102531 Granite
  • AR102603 Granite Mega
  • AR102604 Granite Mega
  • AR102615 Granite BLS
  • AR102616 Granite BLS
  • AR102626 Granite BLX
  • AR102657 Granite Mega
  • AR102660 Granite BLX
  • ARA102720T1 Granite BLX 4X4
  • ARA102720T2 Granite BLX 4X4
  • AR102666 Granite 4x4 3S BLX
  • ARA4302V3T2 Granite BLX 4X4 3S Rot
  • AR102680 Granite 4x4 Grün
  • AR102681 Granite 4x4 Red
  • ARA102714IT1 Granite 4x4 Mega 550 Green/Black
  • ARA102714IT2 Granite 4x4 Mega 550 Red/Black
  • ARA4202V3IT1 Granite Mega 4X4 3S Blau
  • ARA4302V3T1 Granite BLX 4X4 3S Grün
  • ARA102690 Kraton 4x4 4S BLX
  • AR102534 Mojave
  • ARA102692 Outcast 4x4 4S BLX
  • AR102536 Raider
  • AR102547 Raider BLX
  • AR102548 Raider BLX
  • AR102602 Raider Mega
  • AR102613 Raider BLS
  • AR102614 Raider BLS
  • AR102656 Raider Mega
  • AR102642 Raider XL Mega
  • AR102646 Raider XL BLX
  • AR102668 Senton 4x4 3S BLX
  • ARA102721T1 Senton BLX 4X4 3S
  • ARA102721T2 Senton BLX 4X4 3S
  • ARA4303V3T1 Senton BLX 4X4 3S Schwarz/Blau
  • ARA4303V3T2 Senton BLX 4X4 3S Schwarz/Rot
  • AR102682 Senton 4x4 Red
  • AR102683 Senton 4x4 Blue
  • ARA102715IT1 Senton 4x4 Mega 550 Red/Black
  • ARA102715IT2 Senton 4x4 Mega 550 Red/Black
  • ARA4203V3IT1 Senton Mega 4X4 Schwarz/Rot
  • AR102696 Typhon 4x4 3S BLX
  • ARA102722 Typhon BLX 4X4 3S
  • ARA4306V3 Typhon BLX 4X4 3S Rot
  • ARA102694I Typhon Mega 4x4 Green/Black
  • ARA4206V3I Typhon Mega 4X4 Grün
  • AR102535 Vorteks
  • AR102545 Vorteks BLX
  • AR102601 Vorteks Mega
  • AR102611 Vorteks BLS
  • AR102612 Vorteks BLS
  • AR102622 Vorteks Mega
  • AR102655 Vorteks Mega

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